Welcome from the National Chief


When I was inducted into the Order of the Arrow, I was captivated by the legendary beginnings of this brotherhood of cheerful service. It is still remarkable to me that two young people could spark a movement that has imparted the values of servant leadership for over a century.

The Order of the Arrow History Timeline traces the growth of our Order from Treasure Island to the present day. The stories of Arrowmen piloting spacecraft and pioneering national service projects bring back that sense of wonder that I felt when I heard our legend for the first time.

As you explore the OA’s rich history, I hope you can find that sense of wonder. In your quest to “observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow,” I encourage you to look onward and remember that your impact will one day be legendary.

Yours in Cheerful Service,

Forrest Gertin
2017 National Chief
2017chief@oa-bsa.org | @OANationalChief