Welcome from the National Chief


Mr. Bill, my Cubmaster, always told stories worth listening to. Even the rowdiest Scouts in my den would settle down to hear the tales he had to share. And looking back on it, that was an accomplishment in itself. Most of Mr. Bill’s stories left us with important lessons – to obey the law of the pack, to always take a buddy, and to do your best. All of his stories, however, left me in wonder of the legacy of the Scouting movement and with a desire to craft similar stories of my own – stories worth listening to.

In reading the stories that piece together the Order of the Arrow’s History Timeline, that sense of wonder was rekindled. From the induction of a United States President in 1933 to the Order’s odyssey into outer space in 1969, this timeline showcases the moments that give meaning to our first century of service, and in turn, our centennial.

As you reflect on these moments, I hope you’ll discover the same sense of wonder that I first found in the stories told around the campfire by Mr. Bill. Most importantly, though, I hope you’ll be mindful of the lessons encapsulated in our first century as we begin the story of our second. With enough resolve and dedication, we will craft a story worth listening to.

Cheerfully yours,

Alex Call
2015 National Chief
2015chief@oa-bsa.org | @OANationalChief