Grand Lodge Establishes Ceremonies

Grand Lodge Establishes the Ceremonies

In 1921, the OA developed a national organization with the formation of the Grand Lodge.

One of the decisions of the Grand Lodge was that all ceremonies should be similar among the different lodges. To accomplish that choice it was resolved that the Grand Lodge would print both the First Degree and Second Degree ceremonies and distribute them. The ceremonies were mimeographed on 8.5” x 11” paper, stapled together, and were distributed to new lodges and current lodges in a packet of materials following payment of Lodge dues to the Grand Lodge.

There was a clear instruction that the rituals were to be returned to the Grand Lodge, if the local lodge did not continue its membership in the Wimachtendienk. The ritual booklets were the responsibility of the Council Executive. For that reason, among others, only “first class” councils could become members of the Wimachtendienk. “First Class Council” was defined as having a paid professional council executive.

The First and Second Degree ceremonies were provided in mimeograph format until 1927 when a new printed booklet was introduced.