First "National" Lodge Meeting

First Meeting Called "National" Instead of "Grand"; Eleventh National Lodge Meeting Hosted by Unami Lodge

The OA gathered together again for a national meeting hosted for a fourth time by Unami Lodge at Treasure Island. The convention had originally been scheduled for 1935, as meetings were biannual. However, the workload created by the planned 1935 National Jamboree impacted the national officers and many leaders of the local lodges. It was decided to delay the meeting for a year. This pattern has been repeated in later years, the Order giving deference to the National Jamboree, even if it meant a three-year gap between NOAC’s instead of two.

The 1936 meeting was one of change. It no longer was a “Grand” Lodge Meeting. This was a “National” Lodge Meeting. The change in name a simple reminder of the change in the Order, now part of the BSA. The change in the program, however, was striking.

The experience was different from Grand Lodge Meetings. The first big difference was in size. The 1936 meeting dwarfed previous meetings with 374 in attendance representing 34 lodges. In nine years the Order had gone from 30 Arrowmen in a room at a hotel holding a meeting run by parliamentary procedure to a fully planned program.

The meeting was spent reviewing ways to improve camp promotion, service to councils and service to community. It also covered lodge activities, ceremony regalia, recordkeeping techniques, chapter operations and the role of the Order in the camp and in the troop. This was the first National Meeting that had any resemblance to the modern NOAC. The National Executive Committee now handled all business of the Order so the delegates at the National Meetings could concentrate on training.

The national elections were run differently. Every delegate would vote for each national office plus three out of a field of six running for the National Executive Committee. Joseph Brinton, Suanhacky Lodge, Queens, New York was elected National Chief over A.P. Newkirk of Wakpominee Lodge, Glens Falls, New York. H. Lloyd Nelson was re-elected National Scribe over Earl Blake, Wyona Lodge, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Future Chief Scout Executive Joseph Brunton, Anicus Lodge, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania was elected Treasurer defeating G.W. Guyer, Lekau Lodge, Camden, New Jersey. Thomas Cairns, Unami Lodge, George Mozealous, Owasippe Lodge, Chicago and Lambert J. Case, Shawnee Lodge, St. Louis, Missouri were elected to the National Executive Committee defeating George Boardman, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Robert Heistand, Katinonkwat Lodge, Columbus Ohio and Thomas Price, Octoraro Lodge, West Chester, Pennsylvania. E. Urner Goodman served as the National BSA Council’s representative on the National Executive Committee. The Office of Grand Vice Chief, which started in 1925, was no longer a national office.