OA Requests First Uniform Insignia

The National Lodge Makes First Formal Request to the BSA for Approval to Wear a Badge or Pin on the Scout Uniform

As of January 1940, the Order of the Arrow still was not authorized to wear any insignia on a Boy Scout uniform. Totem pins, the official insignia since the beginning of WWW, were only authorized for civilian wear. Few emblems existed. The patches that did exist were typically simple emblems worn on sweaters, breach cloths, or jackets. While some Arrowmen did wear badges on their Scout uniforms, they were worn in violation of National Lodge and BSA rules.

At the January meeting of the National Executive Committee it was decided that a request of the BSA Uniform Committee should be made to allow a pin or a patch to be worn on the uniform. National Chief Joe Brunton asked former National Chief Joe Brinton to write the letter. It took two years before anything was permitted.