OA Promotional Filmstrip

OA Introduces Filmstrip, "Heritage of Service"

From time to time the Order of the Arrow would develop a filmstrip to promote the Order, camping and service. A filmstrip is just what it sounds like; it is a group of photo slides compiled together like a film, complete with sprockets on each side to advance the film one frame at a time.

Typically a phonograph record or tape recording accompanied the filmstrip and a tone would tell the projectionist to advance the film. Filmstrips were commonly used in schools and businesses and most BSA training for adults included the use of filmstrips. 

The new 1970 OA filmstrip titled Heritage of Service was not for home use; it was for watching at lodge and chapter meetings. Among those involved in making this film were National Secretary David Boshea and future Conference Vice Chief and Ceremony Advisory Group (CAG) member Jay Dunbar (shown in picture).