1970 National Planning Meeting

National Conference Planning Meeting

The 1970 end of the year National Planning Meeting was held near the University of Illinois at Harrison House, Lake Bluff, Illinois. Along with the traditional planning and walk through of the 1971 NOAC site were national officer elections.

Since 1948 the youth lead position was called National Conference Chief. This was because the chief was elected to be in charge of the conference and his term ended at the conclusion of the conference. It also was a very different position than the old adult positions of National Chief and National Vice Chief that was traditionally filled by aan adult Scout professional.

Starting in 1970, the elected Chief and Vice Chief would serve for a full two-year term. The positions names were re-named National Chief and National Vice Chief (of course completely different positions than the old adult positions of the same names).

Paul Pruit of Nishkin Halupa A Pe Lachi Lodge, Fort Worth, Texas was elected National Chief. Jim Widmaier from Chippecotton Lodge, Racine, Wisconsin was elected National Vice Chief. Deputy National Conference Chiefs selected were Kent Lamoreux, Chuck Gibbs, Earle Brazile, Gordon Rubard, Brent Smith, Chuck Barber and Jay Dunbar.