National Pow Wow

1987 National Order of the Arrow Pow Wow

The 1987 National Pow Wow conducted at Northwest Community College in Powell, Wyoming from August 2-8. It was a great success and the knowledge gained and enthusiasm generated was felt in the lodges for a long time. Nearly 500 Arrowmen gathered for the first National Pow Wow that offered outstanding workshop seminars in three separate areas of interest: OA Showmanship, Indian Lore, and Ceremonies. As he was with the National Indian Seminar series, National OA Committee member Don Thom was the driving force behind this event. 

1987 Nat'l Pow Wow patchA special feature Monday evening was a North Coast Potlatch provided by members of the T'Kope-Kwis Kwis Lodge from the Chief Seattle Council in Seattle, WA. Lodge members were gracious enough to bring 110 lbs. of fresh salmon, which was cooked according to the North Coast style.

The Showmanship Seminar sent participants home with an increased ability to mount entertaining instructional, and informative lodge productions. Participants placed emphasis on showmanship at Campfires, Shows, Banquets, and Camp Promotion Presentations. The seminar had two days of intensive teacher/learning sessions on planning, producing, scriptwriting, campfire planning and execution, effective camp promotions, and innovative banquet programs. These sessions provided a basic level of knowledge in various specialties, such as Visual, Video, Audio, and Technical Areas. The Lab Sessions were the final three days. These were hands-on specialty sessions.

Ceremonial sessions concentrated on developing quality ceremonies through understanding the purpose of each element. Indian Lore sessions were outstanding with lots of craftsmanship, dancing sessions and time for in depth study of various Indian nation cultures. The big Indian lore Pow Wow was filled with beautiful outfits made by Arrowmen, plus exceptional drumming and dancing representing Northern Plains and Southern Plains groups.