Year of the Lodge

Focus '91 - The "Year of the Lodge"

In late 1990, a plan began to take shape for a year of emphasis that would give new attention and resources to lodges and a refocus on the basic principles and purposes of the Order.

It had been decided that the young men who would attend the National Planning Meeting in December would help set the plans for the year. Under the direction of National Program Vice Chairman Dabney Kennedy, the chiefs would develop a program called “Focus ’91: The Year of the Lodge.”

With no NOAC to plan, the Order was going to make developing ways to make lodges better the 1991 program of emphasis. Six task forces, under the direction of the newly elected Region Chiefs developed ideas, programs, and activities to focus on and strengthen lodges throughout the nation. The areas of concentration included: leadership, lodge program, membership, national program, outdoor program, and service. Before the end of the year, a “mega-box” of new resource materials were developed which were subsequently delivered to each lodge at the 1992 National Order of the Arrow Conference.