Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship Fund

Order of the Arrow Begins Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship Fund

Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship Fund


Established in 1982, the E. Urner Goodman Scholarship Fund provided assistance for Arrowmen preparing to enter professional Scouting as a career. A demonstrated commitment to professional Scouting and the successful completion of one year of college where one’s major related to professional Scouting served as criteria for the scholarship.


In 1998, the focus of the fund was broadened to assist more student Arrowmen and was re-named the Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship to honor the spirit and memory of 1997 National Vice Chief Josh Sain after his death in an automobile accident while in office. The last Goodman Scholarships were awarded in 2006.  

Former recipients of this scholarship include:


1999                Mathew Milleson       1998 National Chief                           Albuquerque, New Mexico

                        Jason Kuder                1998 Northeast Region Chief            Worcester, Massachusetts


2000                William G. Parker      1999 National Chief                           Montgomery, Alabama

                        Kenneth R. Jenkins     1999 Northeast Region Chief             Mountain Side, New Jersey

                        John J. Isley                1999 Southern Region Chief              Greensboro, North Carolina

                        Aaron W. Kreager      1999 Central Region Chief                Omaha, Nebraska


2001                Jordan A. Hitchens     2000 National Vice Chief                  Reading, Pennsylvania

                        Scott A Schmidt         2000 Northeast Region Chief             Buffalo, New York

                        James H. Cheatham    2000 Southern Region Chief              Jackson, Tennessee


2002                Patrick S. Boyd           2001 Northeast Region Chief             East Hartford, Connecticut

                        Donald J. Cunningham 2001 National Chief                         Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

                        Jason W. Kemp          2001 Southern Region Chief              Winston-Salem, North Carolina

                        Dominique F. Baker   2001 Central Region Chief                Rochester, Minnesota

                        Joshua G. Gana           2001 Western Region Chief               Kennewick, Washington


2003                Clay T. Capp               2002 National Chief                           Nashville, Tennessee

                        Riley C. Berg              2002 National Vice Chief                  Fresno, California

                        Brian J. Favat             2002 Northeast Region Chief             Millville, New Jersey

                        Nathan M. Finnin       2002 Southern Region Chief              Wilmington, North Carolina

                        Brian H. Herren          2002 Central Region Chief                Cedar Rapids, Iowa


2004                Nick Digirolamo        2003 National Chief                           Tampa, Florida

                        Adam Enerson            2003 Central Region Chief                Janesville, Wisconsin

                        Matthew Griffis          2003 Western Region Chief               San Leandro, California

                        Frank McMillan         2003 Southern Region Chief              Atlanta, Georgia

                        Richard Moore           2003 National Vice Chief                  Cincinnati, Ohio

                        Ian Pinnavaia              2003 Northeast Region Chief             New York, New York


2005                David Dowty              2004 National Vice Chief`                 Montgomery, Alabama

                        Seth Dearmin              2004 Southern Region Chief              Pelham, North Carolina

                        Matthew Griffis          2004 Western Region Chief               San Leandro, California

                        Ed Lynes                     2004 Northeast Region Chief             Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

                        Joe Sadewasser           2004 Central Region Chief                Dubuque, Iowa


2006                Ross Armstrong          2005 Western Region Chief               Reno, Nevada

                        Paul Jensen                 2005 Central Region Chief                Stephen, Minnesota

                        Bradley Long              2005 Southern Region Chief              Pulaski, Virginia

                        Seth Mollitt                2005 National Vice Chief                  Jacksonville, Florida

                        Patrick Murphy          2005 National Chief                           Tempe, Arizona

                        Dan O’Rourke            2005 Northeast Region Chief             Boston, Massachusetts


2007                Sean M. Murray         2006 National Chief                           Norwich, New York

                        Kieran J. Thompson   2006 Western Region Chief               Tempe, Arizona

                        Dustin J. Counts         2006 Southern Region Chief              Charlotte, North Carolina

                        Adams D. Heaps         past NE-4A Section Chief                  New Holland, Pennsylvania

2008                Larry M. Newton        2007 National Vice Chief                  Georgiana, Alabama

                        Greg Bajan                  past S-5 Section Chief                       Greenville, South Carolina

                        Brad Reeder                past W-1C Section Chief                   Yakima, Washington


2009                Jacob P. Wellman       2008 National Chief                           Albuquerque, New Mexico

                        Benjamin L. Stilwill   2008 National Vice Chief                  Okemos, Michigan

                        Mark P. Hendricks     2008 Western Region Chief               Richland, Washington

                        S. Tyler Elliot             2008 Central Region Chief                Fariborn, Ohio

                        Geoffrey S. Landau    past section chief, Southern Region  Gainesville, Florida

                        Colin C. Smalley        past section chief, Western Region   Olathe, Kansas

                        Joseph R. Maugeri      past section chief, Northeast Region Franklin, New Jersey

                        Alexander F. Braden  past section chief, Western Region   Covina, California

                        Isaac A. N. McDaniel past section chief, Southern Region  Kempner, Texas


2010                Jack O’Neill               2009 National Chief                           Columbia, Missouri

                        Daniel J. Higham        2009 National Vice Chief                  Vestal, New York

                        Mark A. Norris           2009 Southern Region Chief              Mobile, Alabama

                        Ryan M. Hay              2009 Northeast Region Chief             Allentown, Pennsylvania

                        Michael Beckman      2009 Central Region Chief                Cincinnati, Ohio

                        David Harrell              2009 Western Region Chief               Greeley, Colorado

                        James Tarbox             past S-9 section chief                         Birmingham, Alabama

                        Jeremy Yamaguchi     past W-2C section chief                     Placentia, California

                        Sean Ferrier                past S-4 section chief                         Fort Myers, Florida

                        Robert Mason             past S-7B section chief                      Winston-Salem, North Carolina

                        Jeffrey L. St. Cyr        past NE-1A section chief                   Manchester, New Hampshire


2011                Brian T. Ahrens                      2010 Northeast Region Chief Eastampton, New Jersey

                        Donald H. Combs                   2010 Southern Region Chief  Pikeville, Kentucky

                        Frederick, A. Gross IV           2010 Western Region Chief   Sante Fe, New Mexico

                        Bradford C. Lichota               2010 National Chief               Shelby Township, Michigan

                        William G. Swingle               2010 National Vice Chief      Glen Allen, Virginia

                        Will W. Scott                         past C-6B section chief          Hamilton, Ohio


2012                Jonathan Hillis                       2011 National Chief               Austin, Texas

                        Daniel T. Dick                        2011 National Vice Chief      Lena, Illinois

                        Collin P. Huerter                    2011 Central Region Chief    Topeka, Kansas

                        Dwayne A. Fontenette Jr.       2011 Southern Region Chief  New Orleans, Louisiana

                        Robert C. Orr                          past SR-7B section chief        Elon, North Carolina

                        Brent Wessel                          past section C-3B chief          Cape Girardeau, Missouri

                        Mark W. Ishizu                       past W-6 section chief           Waipahu, Hawaii

                        Spenser M. St. Louis              past C-6B section chief          Fort Wayne, Indiana


2013                John P. Rhem                          2012 National Chief               Turbotville, Pennsylvania 

                        Preston H. Marquis                2012 National Vice Chief      Norfolk, Virginia

                        John M. Opthoff                     2012 Central Region Chief    Waterford, Michigan

                        David B. Joyner                      2012 Southern Region Chief  Mount Olive, North Carolina

                        William J. Barton                   2012 Western Region Chief   Larkspur, California

                        Christopher A. LaMarche      past C-2B section chief          Gladstone, Michigan

                        Samuel A. Bellomy                past W-6W section chief        Tucson, Arizona

                        Francisco X. Gamez               past S04 section chief            Doral, Florida


2014                James M. Britt                         past SR-8 section chief          Tulsa, Oklahoma

                        Matthew E. Brown                 2013 National Chief               Nashville, Tennessee

                        Raymond T. Cheung               past NE-1 section chief          Milton, Massachusetts

                        Dustin D. Cocklereece           past SR-7B section chief        Greensboro, North Carolina

                        Michael A. Dioguardi            past NE-2B section chief       Massapequa, New York

                        David A. Dye                          2013 Western Region Chief   Los Angeles, California

                        Michael T. Gray                     2013 Central Region Chief    Peoria, Illinois

                        Jordan L. Hughes                    2013 National Vice Chief      Moosic, Pennsylvania

                        Zachariah S. Kibler                past SR-1B section chief        Mobile, Alabama

                        Bryan A. Melonis                   past W-2 South section chief Denver, Colorado

                        Kevin A. Montano                  past NE-3B section chief       Utica, New York

                        Philip E. Paulson                    past W-4 South section chief   Ana, California

                        Joseph R. Quinones                past W-2 North section chief Great Falls, Montana

                        Tyler A. Stepanek                   past SR-9 section chief          Macon, Georgia


2015                Ricky D. Angeletti                 2014 Central Region Chief    Akron, Ohio

                        Taylor L. Bobrow                   2014 National Vice Chief      Virginia Beach, Virginia

                        Nicholas G. Dannemiller       2014 National Chief               Portland, Oregon

                        Matthew D. Forster                past SR-5 section chief          Columbia, South Carolina

                        Nathan L. R. Jenkins              past C-5A section chief          Garden City, Kansas

                        Michael J. Kintscher              2014 Western Region Chief   Pleasant Hill, California

                        Kyle M. Palmer                      past W-2 West section chief  Salt Lake City, Utah

                        Brant J. Portner                      past NE-6B section chief       Reading, Pennsylvania

                        Kyle M. Raffensperger           past NE-6A section chief       Bethesda, Maryland

                        Aaron R. Shepherd                 past SR-6 section chief          Lexington, Kentucky

                        Michael A. Shostek                past NE-5B section chief       Moosic, Pennsylvania