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1973 National Jamboree

The 1973 National Scout Jamboree was split between two locations: Farragut State Park, Idaho (August 1 to 7) and Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania (August 3 to 9) with the theme “Growing Together”. A total of 73,610 Scouts participated in this first and only dual Jamboree that featured “home troops” as opposed to the traditional council contingent jamboree troops.

50th Anniversary 1960 National Jamboree

The 1960 National Jamboree was held at Colorado Springs, Colorado, from July 22 to 28 with the theme “For God and Country”. 56,377 Scouts and Explorers participated in the jamboree.

To open the jamboree, 200 Native Americans set up a huge tepee village on stage as James Arness (Marshall Matt Dillon of television’s “Gunsmoke” series) narrated a western story. Scouts shared daily chores, cooked their own meals as was now the tradition, took part in displays, campfire gatherings, demonstrations, skill contests, a rodeo, and made inter-camp visits during the event.

1953 National Jamboree

The 1953 National Jamboree was held at Irvine Ranch, California, from July 17 to 23 with the theme “Forward on Liberty’s Team.” 45,401 Scouts and Explorers were in attendance for the Jamboree.

Because the Jamboree was held close to Hollywood, many movie stars including Roy Rogers, James Stewart and Bob Hope were able to make appearances. President Dwight D. Eisenhower (and Vice President Richard Nixon, who stayed overnight and helped to prepare breakfast for his home town troop) also visited the Jamboree.

OA Service at National Jamborees

The OA has provided service at Boy Scout National Jamborees since the second event in 1950 at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. For most of the early Jamborees, that service consisted of OA Service Troops, made up of youth Arrowmen and led by selected adults. However, recent years have seen the role of the OA at the Jamboree grow into an integral part of the BSA’s largest gathering.

1950 National Jamboree - First OA Service Corps

The 1950 National Jamboree was held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, from June 27 to July 6. Delayed by World War II, 47,163 Scouts and Explorers participated in the second National Jamboree with the theme “Strengthen Liberty”.

President Harry S. Truman opened the Jamboree; and Scouts enjoyed a huge fireworks display on the 4th of July with General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Troop dinning similar to the 1937 Jamboree was planned, but due to the lack of professional chefs (that were readily available in 1937 due to the depression), patrol cooking using charcoal was introduced. The pattern was also set for the arena shows that have become traditional at Jamborees. The opening show the first night was a historical spectacular showcasing the great events that gained the United States liberty. Construction of troop gateways became a major troop feature. Each troop tried to out-do the troop next to them with huge, colorful entranceways.

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