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George Feil Passes

Photo of George FeilOn May 26, 1985 the Order of the Arrow lost one of its greatest supporters and tireless leaders, George Feil. George Feil first joined the National OA Committee in 1955 and became Chairman in 1960. He served as Chairman for 18 years, longer than any other Chairman.

Fifth National OA Committee Chair

After a record eighteen years serving as National Order of the Arrow Committee Chairman, L. George Feil retired from the position in 1978. National Boy Scout Committee Chairman Alec Chesser named Thomas G. McBride as Feil’s able replacement.

Tom McBride

Thomas G. McBride was inducted into Anicus Lodge, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania in 1939. McBride became an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member. He was the Official Bugler at the 1940 National Meeting held at Camp Twin Echo, his local council camp. In 1952 McBride received the OA Distinguished Service Award (DSA) and in 1953 he was appointed to the National OA Committee. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Business and was vice president of marketing for Westinghouse Electrical Supply. He was a recipient of the Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope awards.

Regional OA Structure Formed

George Feil, National OA Committee Chairman was known for taking the time to properly consider an idea and then implementing it. In 1975 The National OA Committee under Feil’s guidance created a new regional structure within the OA corresponding with the six BSA regions. The new system had a Regional Committee in each region along with a youth Region Chief and a Regional Chairman who would also serve on the National OA Committee. The usage of youth leadership under adult supervision allowed for more young men to participate at a very high level.

1958 DSA Recipients

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is presented to those Arrowmen who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. The following were presented the DSA at the 1958 National Order of the Arrow Conference - Richard L. Chappell, Paul A. Siple, Kenneth K. Bechtel, John R. Donnell, David M. Dunbar, L. George Feil, Fred J. Gehl, Jr., C. M. "Jack" Hedinger, Carl M.

Fourth National OA Committee Chair

After five years of service, J.P. “Judge” Hunter resigned for health and business reasons as Chairman of the OA National Committee. In his place L. George Feil of Tamegonit Lodge, Kansas City, Kansas took over the helm.

George Feil & Son

The Feil family of Kansas City, Kansas served the Order of the Arrow for decades. The first member of the family to hold a leadership position was James R. (Jim) Feil. Jim, of Tamegonit Lodge. He was elected in 1953 to serve as National Conference Chief for the 1954 National Conference held in Laramie, Wyoming.

1956 DSA Recipients

The following were presented the DSA at the 1956 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Indiana University - Herman Brandmiller, William D. Campbell, Jack Champion, James R. Feil, Julius Hayworth, Lyndon S. Holm, Walter Hubbard, Sidney B. North, Jack Obermeyer, Henry Vassel, and James L. Waters.

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