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Seventh National Executive Secretary

William (Bill) Downs served the OA as a full time National Executive Secretary from 1974 – 1985. He had served longer as National Secretary than any of his predecessors. When Bill Downs came to the OA he had been working on Boys Life.

Goodman Memorial Service

In the late winter of 1980, while visiting his children in New Jersey, Goodman caught a cold, which turned into pneumonia. He went to Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, where he could have specialists treat him, but he remained in intensive care. He passed away on March 13Portrait of Goodman.

6th National Executive Secretary

On May 16, 1974 National Executive Secretary David “Dave” Boshea was promoted to National Field Representative, East Central Region. Boshea was a tireless enthusiastic popular National Secretary for the OA. Due to financial restraints affecting the BSA the new Secretary did not take over until October 1, 1974.

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