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Profile of Ken Davis

Kenneth P. Davis, Ph.D. is a committed Scouter who has served the Order and Scouts for over a half century. Davis is best known by a generation of Arrowmen as the author of The Brotherhood of Cheerful Service, The History of the Order of the Arrow. Davis is considered one of the foremost authorities on the history of the Order of the Arrow.

History of OA Book Published

History of OA Published - Brotherhood of Cheerful Service



At the beginning of 1990, to kick-off the 75th anniversary year of the OA The Brotherhood of Cheerful Service: A History of the Order of the Arrow was published by the BSA. The author of the book was longtime National OA Committee member Ken Davis, Ph.D. American History, University of Virginia.

Regional OA Structure Formed

George Feil, National OA Committee Chairman was known for taking the time to properly consider an idea and then implementing it. In 1975 The National OA Committee under Feil’s guidance created a new regional structure within the OA corresponding with the six BSA regions. The new system had a Regional Committee in each region along with a youth Region Chief and a Regional Chairman who would also serve on the National OA Committee. The usage of youth leadership under adult supervision allowed for more young men to participate at a very high level.

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