National Planning Meeting

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1987 National Planning Meeting

The Section Chiefs gathered together in the Dallas Area for the National Planning Meeting. Starting with this meeting, the National Planning Meeting would be an annual affair and all national and regional officers would serve one-year terms. National officers had served one-year terms in the early days of the Grand Lodge from 1921- 1926, but those were adult positions and only distantly related to the youth leadership positions. 

1982 National Planning Meeting

1983-84 Nat'l Chief Robert WadeThe 1982 National Planning Meeting was held at McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey, about 50 miles from Rutgers University. Rutgers had been selected as the site for the 1983 NOAC. Robert A. Wade of Ketchikeniqua Lodge, Delta, Ohio was elected National Chief and William B. O’Tuel, Muscogee Lodge, Harleyville, South Carolina, National Vice Chief.

1980 National Planning Meeting

The 1980 National Planning Meeting was held at the end of the year in Austin, Texas, home of the University of Texas and scheduled site for the 1981 NOAC. The majority of the meeting was consumed with preparations for the upcoming NOAC. Brad Starr of Klahican Lodge, Wilmington, North Carolina was elected National Chief. Kevin Moll of Ha-Kin-Skay-A-Ki Lodge, Colorado Springs, Colorado was elected National Vice Chief.

1978 National Planning Meeting

The National Planning Meeting to plan the upcoming NOAC was held at Colorado State University, Fort Collins. Jeff Herrmann, Shinnecock Lodge, Medford, New York was elected the new National Chief and Larry Brown, Wiatava Lodge, Santa Ana, California was elected National Vice Chief.

1976 National Planning Meeting

In 1976 the National Planning Meeting returned to the site of the upcoming NOAC. This time it was held at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The section chiefs performed the typical planning meeting functions of selecting the Conference theme, the patch design and arranging the program. They also elected Chris Boswell, Wewanoma Lodge, San Benito, Texas National Chief and Rick Burton, Nayawin Rar Lodge, Goldsboro, North Carolina National Vice Chief.

E. Urner Goodman Camping Award Created

At the 1968 National Planning Meeting, a proposal was made to create a camping award to encourage camp promotion. The plan was approved and it was introduced at the 1969 National Conference as the E. Urner Goodman Camping Award.

1972 National Planning Meeting

Unlike previous years, the National Planning Meeting made an exception and did not travel to the campus that would be hosting the upcoming Conference. That is because the NOAC was scheduled for the University of California, Santa Barbara. All of the previous Conferences (starting in 1948) had been held at centrally located Midwestern universities.

1966 National Planning Meeting

The year-end 1966 National Planning Meeting was held at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, the site scheduled for the 1967 NOAC. Robert F. Szczys from Chatoka Lodge, Bottineau, North Dakota was elected National Conference Chief and Mark Samios from Shingis Lodge, McKeesport, Pennsylvania was elected National Conference Vice Chief. The Deputy Conference Chiefs selected were Paul A. Leonardi, Roger D. Maine, Gary Tomlinson, David W. Tharp, Charles Marr, David Boone, Stephen E. Lickey and Michael J. Moseman.

1968 National Planning Meeting

The National Planning Meeting returned to Indiana University at the end of 1968 to plan the 1969 NOAC. Thomas E. Fielder of White Feather Lodge, Paducah, Kentucky was elected National Conference Chief. Later that year, his home lodge would make a special flap patch commemorating Chief Fielder, the beginning of a tradition that exists to this day. Philip Chabot, Nentego Lodge, Bel Air, Maryland was elected Conference Vice Chief.

1964 National Planning Meeting

The National Planning Meeting returned back to Indiana University to plan the 50th Anniversary National Order of the Arrow Conference. Michael Costello of Kiondaga Lodge, Evansville, Indiana was elected National Conference Chief and Earl Davis from Mow-A-Toc Lodge, Eureka, California National Conference Vice Chief. The appointed Deputy Conference Chiefs were Philip Lane, Don Jorgenson, Mike Cheney, Neal Boynton, Wayne Willis, Dave Pollock, Jim Morgan, Jim Frey and Tim Rose.

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