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Change in Lodge Number Usage

Lodge numbers were issued from 1926 until 2004. While it was a long tradition of the Order to use lodge numbers, they eventually became outdated and problematic. For all other purposes the national office was using council numbers. Lodge numbers were confusing and a relic of the past. Furthermore, the numbers had lost a great deal of their meaning by 2004. While the original numbers were given out in the order the lodges received their charters that practice had changed. The change was the result of councils and their lodges merging. In early years when two or more lodges merged together they would typically retain the lowest number. That way the number represented the order in which the OA had first come to the council.

Lodges are Numbered

Prior to 1926, listings of lodges kept by the Grand Lodge were typically alphabetical or loosely related to the order that the lodges originally applied for charter. In 1926 the decision was made to give each lodge a unique number. Because these numbers were applied retroactively, errors did occur. For example, even though Pamrapaugh Lodge of Bayonne, New Jersey was one of the original eleven charter lodges present for the 1921 Grand Lodge Meeting, they were given the number 14. In its place, Wawonaissa Lodge of Fanwood, New Jersey was erroneously given the number ten.

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