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25th Anniversary of the OA

The twenty-fifth anniversary of any organization is a time for celebration and reflection. The celebration took place at the 25th Anniversary National Meeting held at Camp Twin Echo. The delegates wore silver colored neckerchiefs. The Distinguished Service Award recognizing those individuals most responsible for leadership and service in the Order was created. From such humble beginnings Wimachtendienk has become a growing nationwide Scout phenomenon.

At the end of the first summer of OA in 1915 there were 25 Arrowmen. 25 years later the Order was active in 164 councils with an active membership of 16,000 Arrowmen. Over 37,000 Scouts and Scouters had been inducted.

First Merger of Lodges

At the end of 1924 Unami Lodge and Unalachtgo Lodge, both of Philadelphia Council, merged together. It is the first time two lodges combined together. The two lodges retained the Unami Lodge name. In 1996 Delmont Lodge of Valley Forge Council, Pennsylvania also merged into Unami.

First Grand Lodge Officers

The first elections for officers of the Grand Lodge were held at the first Grand Lodge Meeting pursuant to the newly ratified constitution. There were three offices: The Grand Chieftain (Eluwak Kittakima), The Grand Scribe (Eluwak Lekhiket) and The Grand Treasurer (Eluwak Mawachpo).

First Meeting of the Grand Lodge

In 1921 Wimachtendienk, W.W. (a common way at the time of referring to what we know as the Order of the Arrow) was ready to have a national structure. Patterned similar to the Freemasons, it was decided that each lodge would become a member of the Grand Lodge. On October 7 and 8, 1921, the first Grand Lodge Meeting hosted by the Philadelphia lodges, Unami and Unalachtigo was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and at their Camp Biddle. These meetings would later become known as National Meetings and are the distant predecessors of today’s NOACs.

Constitution for WWW

One of the primary purposes of the first meeting of the Grand Lodge in 1921 was to frame and ratify the first WWW national constitution.

First Membership Cards

To the best of our knowledge the Wimachtendienk did not issue membership cards prior to the formation of the Grand Lodge in 1921. However, there is an example of a receipt for dues paid that dates back to 1918-19.

Second Philadelphia Lodge Formed

In the early days of Wimachtendienk, there was no restriction on the number of lodges per council. Instead, each council could have as many lodges as they had camps. Each lodge was the local “chapter” of what became a national camp fraternity. Philadelphia Council had Treasure Island Scout Camp where our Order was founded. Philadelphia Council also had a second camp, this one specifically for “Lone Scouts”.

First Annual Unami Lodge Banquet

At the end of 1916 Wimachtendienk held their first annual banquet. This is a tradition that is still observed every year by Unami Lodge. The Order’s first social event would expand to other social happenings including today’s conclaves, fellowships and conferences.

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