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Second Grand Lodge Meeting

Minsi Lodge in Reading, Pennsylvania on October 6 and 7th, 1922 hosted the second meeting of the Grand Lodge. There were seven lodges in attendance and 14 delegates. While the early Grand Lodge and National Lodge meetings were the precursors of today’s modern National Conferences, in the early years they much were more similar to a lodge or section executive meeting. They were business meetings, made up largely of Scout professionals and were not immune to politics.

The Second meeting of the Grand Lodge was at times contentious and political. At stake was determination of who would lead the Order as the second Grand Chieftain. There were two distinguished candidates.

Fifth Lodge Formed

Indiandale Lodge 5 of Reading, Pennsylvania became the Order’s fifth lodge on June 1, 1921. Indiandale was named after the Reading-Berks County Council camp of the same name. In 1922 the lodge changed its name to Minsi Lodge 5. Minsi lodge would later merge with another lodge to form Kittatiny Lodge.

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