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NOAC 1983

1983 NOAC Patch3,328 Arrowmen came to Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey to attend the 1983 National Order of the Arrow Conference. The theme selected for this event was different than those in the past. The theme selected at the National Planning Meeting was “Those who chose you need you”. This theme was a reminder to Arrowmen of their duty to their home troop. Teaching each delegate their responsibility to bring the knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and excitement learned at the NOAC back to their home unit was the training point of emphasis.

National Indian Seminar Cancelled

Due to the tremendous success of the first National Indian Seminar held at Philmont Scout Ranch in 1974, the idea of holding another similar event was being discussed even before the first one concluded. With the untimely death of Maury Clancy late in 1974, longtime Arrowman Don Thom became the driving force behind all OA national Indian events from 1975 well into the 1990s.

1977 National Jamboree

The 1977 National Scout Jamboree was held at Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania, from August 3 to 9 with the theme “Forward Together”. 28,601 Scouts participated in the Jamboree.

NOAC 1977

In 1977, the OA gathered in the South for a National Order of the Arrow Conference for the first time . The University of Tennessee, Knoxville received the honor of hosting the 62nd Anniversary Conference.

The Order had first attempted a southern National Meeting in 1942 at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, but that meeting was canceled because of war restrictions. At the time the meeting would have had to exclude non-white members because the campus was segregated. This time when the OA came to the South that was no longer a problem (The University of Tennessee had desegregated 25 years earlier).

Second National Indian Seminar

After a four-year absence due to the cancellation of the 1976 event, the second National Indian Seminar was held at Camp George Thomas in Apache, Oklahoma from August 13-19, 1978. Approximately 170 Arrowmen from around the country participated in the event that for the first time saw both youth and adult participants. Like the first seminar, the purpose for a second National Indian Seminar was the continued emphasis on American Indian culture and crafts, and to educate Arrowmen on the histories and traditions of Native Americans. 

NOAC 1973

For the first time, the Order of the Arrow came to the west coast and held the 58th Anniversary National Conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara. 4,400 delegates attended the NOAC many making the cross-country trek.

The idea of going to California was extremely popular and the Conference was officially an early sell out. Even with this success, the Order has not returned to the west coast since and has preferred locations more central to the Scout population.

First National Indian Seminar

Since its earliest beginnings, the Order of the Arrow (OA) has enjoyed an almost spiritual relationship with the histories and traditions of Native American peoples. This kindred spirit is evident in the OA’s ceremonies, its symbols, and even in its name. By borrowing so much in the way of culture and crafts from the American Indian, the Order has accepted an obligation to maintain the highest standards of authenticity. Yet, with all of the interaction between the OA and that of Native Americans, there were those individuals who recognized a need for an informative program that furthered the understanding and awareness of the American Indian culture. This need gave rise to a pilot program known as the ‘National Indian Seminar’.

NOAC 1975

The Order of the Arrow returned to Miami University, Oxford, Ohio for the 60th Anniversary National Order of the Arrow Conference. The last time the OA had visited the campus was 23 years earlier in 1952. There were 4,200 Arrowmen in attendance. The Conference theme was, “Foundations for the Future”.

1973 National Jamboree

The 1973 National Scout Jamboree was split between two locations: Farragut State Park, Idaho (August 1 to 7) and Moraine State Park, Pennsylvania (August 3 to 9) with the theme “Growing Together”. A total of 73,610 Scouts participated in this first and only dual Jamboree that featured “home troops” as opposed to the traditional council contingent jamboree troops.

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