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OA Day at Disneyland

On Monday, August 20, 1973 the Order of the Arrow (OA) hosted the first, and only, Order of the Arrow Day at Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California. For most Arrowmen this was their first visit to one of the Magic Kingdoms.

NOAC 1971

For the second time, the Order of the Arrow met at the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana. Another NOAC attendance record was set, this time with 5,112 delegates. The size was so large; it was actually unwieldy as any picture of registration or memory of a delegate can attest. Future meetings would be smaller… for a while.

The 1971 NOAC attendance record would stand until the 75th Anniversary NOAC in 1990 and the 401 lodges present will stand as the record for all time (because with mergers, there will never be enough councils with lodges to break this mark).

NOAC 1967

Building on the great success of the 1965 NOAC, 4,148 delegates traveled to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Over 400 different lodges had a contingent. The Conference theme "With Hearts and Wills United" also built on the 1965 theme. They both came from the same stanza of the Ordeal ceremony:

We who bear the obligation

Of the Order of the Arrow

Mindful of our high tradition

Ponder that which is our purpose

Pledge ourselves to cheerful service

With the guidance of our Maker

We with hearts and wills united

Pledge to serve His holy purpose.

1969 National Jamboree

The 1969 National Jamboree was held at Farragut State Park, Idaho, from July 16 to 22 with the theme “Building to Serve”. Astronaut and Eagle Scout Neil A. Armstrong sent the 34,251 Scouts greetings from outer space during his historic voyage to the moon.

NOAC 1969

The OA returned back to Indiana University for a sixth time to hold the 54th Anniversary National Conference (what we now call a NOAC). While the term “Conference” had replaced “Meeting” for a number of years, the 1969 Conference patch was the first to actually say “Conference” on it. The Conference theme chosen by the National Planning Committee was “Pathways to Service”. A record 4,421 Arrowmen attended the Conference. The national meetings were still growing in size.

NOAC 1963

The 48th Anniversary Conference was held at the University of Illinois, Champaign and Urbana. A record 3,105 Arrowmen attended the meeting. The Conference theme was “Catch the Higher Vision”, the name of a recently completed painting by artist Joseph Csatari. The 1963 NOAC followed the pattern of the past several conferences.

1964 National Jamboree

The 1964 National Jamboree was held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, from July 17 to 23 with the theme “Strengthen America’s Heritage”. 50,960 Scouts and Explorers participated in the Jamboree.

The opening show included over 6,000 actors, a 1,500-voice chorus and opening words from Lady Baden-Powell. President Lyndon B. Johnson challenged everyone to “remain true to the principles of Scouting”. American Heritage day was observed on July 18th with a number of special activities including each troop raising a thirteen-star American flag. It served to reinforce the strengthening of America through reverent, resolute and responsible patriotism. Each jamboree troop demonstrated fellowship and camping skills by participating in sectional and Jamboree-wide activities ranging from daily camp activities, skill-o-rama demonstrations, field sports events, an obstacle course, competitive Scoutcraft activities, camp fires, spectacular arena shows and the Jamboree Adventure Award.

First OA Pow Wow at National Jamboree

The highlight for Arrowmen at the 1964 National Jamboree was the first Jamboree Order of the Arrow Pow Wow. 15,000 Arrowmen gathered together at the Valley Forge arena to hear featured speakers Founder E. Urner Goodman and former National Chief and current Chief Scout Executive Joseph Brunton, Jr. The event was described at the time as the largest ever gathering of Arrowmen and likely remains the largest such assembly to this day.

NOAC - 50th Anniversary

For the fifth time the OA returned to its most familiar setting for Conferences, Indiana University, for the NOAC celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. A record 4,237 delegates representing every state in the nation attended the Conference. There were greater than 1,000 Arrowmen more in attendance than any previous Conference. The fitting theme for the conference was chosen from the Ordeal Honor ceremony, “Mindful of our high tradition.”

50th Anniversary 1960 National Jamboree

The 1960 National Jamboree was held at Colorado Springs, Colorado, from July 22 to 28 with the theme “For God and Country”. 56,377 Scouts and Explorers participated in the jamboree.

To open the jamboree, 200 Native Americans set up a huge tepee village on stage as James Arness (Marshall Matt Dillon of television’s “Gunsmoke” series) narrated a western story. Scouts shared daily chores, cooked their own meals as was now the tradition, took part in displays, campfire gatherings, demonstrations, skill contests, a rodeo, and made inter-camp visits during the event.

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