Lawrence Branch

Profile - Lawrence Branch - Early African American Leader

Lawrence Branch was an early African American leader at camp and in the Order of the Arrow in Chicago. He served at Camp Belnap, Chicago’s segregated camp and as a chapter chief for many years in the 1930s for Takodah Chapter of Owasippe Lodge. In the 1930s, the chapters in Owasippe Lodge were typically larger than most lodges. Lawrence Branch was one of the Chicago Councils leaders for Camp Promotion. He was one of seven Arrowmen that were “Wagon Bosses” for the Gold Rush camp promotion for Owasippe Scout Reservation in 1936.

Branch kept his Vigil on August 5, 1945. His Vigil Honor name is “The Group Singer”. Branch is one of the oldest living Arrowmen in the United States and has been invaluable to historians seeking knowledge about Takodah Chapter and Camp Belnap.