50th Anniversary Award Announced

Order of the Arrow Announces 50th Anniversary Award

The Order of the Arrow (OA) celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1965. The celebration was a national event, and each lodge, chapter, and Arrowman was urged to participate to the fullest. Area fellowship training conferences placed special emphasis on the 50th Anniversary program of service, and the celebration culminated with the 50th Anniversary National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC).

To recognize individual service, a 50th Anniversary Award was created for each Arrowman under twenty-one years of age who fulfilled specific requirements during the 1965 calendar year. These requirements were outlined on an official scorecard, and were to be completed and signed off by the Arrowman’s unit leader and lodge adviser prior to November 1. They included such things as active interest in the lodge and unit; attendance at summer camp; participation in an OA service project; rank advancement; and new member recruitment. There were 26,576 successful Arrowmen who received a special 50th Anniversary Award, and this cloth emblem was to be worn in the designated location on the Arrowman’s sash.

Following the success of the 50th  Anniversary Award the OA subsequently offered a 60th Anniversary Award and a 75th Anniversary Award.