OA Grace

OA Grace


In 2012, the National Order of the Arrow Committee began a project to develop an OA specific grace for use at mealtimes. Under the direction of OA Chaplain, Billy Walley, the OA invited open submissions from Arrowmen and the faith community. After reviewing many sample graces, the national committee adopted the following words to be used as a moment of reverence and gratitude before meals at OA events:


For night alone that rests our thought

For quiet dawn that lights our trail

For evening fire that warms and cheers

For each repast that fuels our work

We give thanks, O Lord.


The grace channels the poetry of the Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood Ceremonies.

Through the meditation, an Arrowmen is encouraged to acknowledge the thanksgiving of the Creator, respite of soul and body, the promise of the day, personal journey on the trail of life, fellowship around an evening fire, and cheerful work in service of others.

OA brothers are encouraged to use the grace prior to mealtimes at Ordeals, fellowship and work weekends, conclaves, annual banquets, trail crew backcountry treks, as well as lodge, section, region, and national events. With each repetition, not only do we give thanks for the food that fuels us, but also we rededicate ourselves to our brotherhood of cheerful service.