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NOAC 1977

In 1977, the OA gathered in the South for a National Order of the Arrow Conference for the first time . The University of Tennessee, Knoxville received the honor of hosting the 62nd Anniversary Conference.

The Order had first attempted a southern National Meeting in 1942 at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, but that meeting was canceled because of war restrictions. At the time the meeting would have had to exclude non-white members because the campus was segregated. This time when the OA came to the South that was no longer a problem (The University of Tennessee had desegregated 25 years earlier).

NOAC 1973

For the first time, the Order of the Arrow came to the west coast and held the 58th Anniversary National Conference at the University of California, Santa Barbara. 4,400 delegates attended the NOAC many making the cross-country trek.

The idea of going to California was extremely popular and the Conference was officially an early sell out. Even with this success, the Order has not returned to the west coast since and has preferred locations more central to the Scout population.

1974 National Planning Meeting First Region Chiefs

In 1974 the National Planning Meeting returned to Schiff Scout Reservation, Mendham, New Jersey. Holding the meeting near the national headquarters was cost effective and efficient. Brad Haddock from Hi-Cha-Ko-Lo Lodge, Wichita, Kansas was elected National Chief. Brad Haddock would later be the only youth National Chief to later serve as National Committee Chairman. Eddie Stumler, who had previously served as a Deputy Conference Vice Chief was elected National Vice Chief. Deputy Conference Vice Chiefs selected were Jim Barbieri, Keven Bowling, Kerry Cheesman, Kevin Holloway, Larry Leach, Tom Trzybinski and Charles Wisdom.

NOAC 1975

The Order of the Arrow returned to Miami University, Oxford, Ohio for the 60th Anniversary National Order of the Arrow Conference. The last time the OA had visited the campus was 23 years earlier in 1952. There were 4,200 Arrowmen in attendance. The Conference theme was, “Foundations for the Future”.

NOAC 1971

For the second time, the Order of the Arrow met at the University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana. Another NOAC attendance record was set, this time with 5,112 delegates. The size was so large; it was actually unwieldy as any picture of registration or memory of a delegate can attest. Future meetings would be smaller… for a while.

The 1971 NOAC attendance record would stand until the 75th Anniversary NOAC in 1990 and the 401 lodges present will stand as the record for all time (because with mergers, there will never be enough councils with lodges to break this mark).

1970 National Planning Meeting

The 1970 end of the year National Planning Meeting was held near the University of Illinois at Harrison House, Lake Bluff, Illinois. Along with the traditional planning and walk through of the 1971 NOAC site were national officer elections.

1966 National Planning Meeting

The year-end 1966 National Planning Meeting was held at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, the site scheduled for the 1967 NOAC. Robert F. Szczys from Chatoka Lodge, Bottineau, North Dakota was elected National Conference Chief and Mark Samios from Shingis Lodge, McKeesport, Pennsylvania was elected National Conference Vice Chief. The Deputy Conference Chiefs selected were Paul A. Leonardi, Roger D. Maine, Gary Tomlinson, David W. Tharp, Charles Marr, David Boone, Stephen E. Lickey and Michael J. Moseman.

NOAC 1967

Building on the great success of the 1965 NOAC, 4,148 delegates traveled to the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Over 400 different lodges had a contingent. The Conference theme "With Hearts and Wills United" also built on the 1965 theme. They both came from the same stanza of the Ordeal ceremony:

We who bear the obligation

Of the Order of the Arrow

Mindful of our high tradition

Ponder that which is our purpose

Pledge ourselves to cheerful service

With the guidance of our Maker

We with hearts and wills united

Pledge to serve His holy purpose.

1968 National Planning Meeting

The National Planning Meeting returned to Indiana University at the end of 1968 to plan the 1969 NOAC. Thomas E. Fielder of White Feather Lodge, Paducah, Kentucky was elected National Conference Chief. Later that year, his home lodge would make a special flap patch commemorating Chief Fielder, the beginning of a tradition that exists to this day. Philip Chabot, Nentego Lodge, Bel Air, Maryland was elected Conference Vice Chief.

NOAC 1969

The OA returned back to Indiana University for a sixth time to hold the 54th Anniversary National Conference (what we now call a NOAC). While the term “Conference” had replaced “Meeting” for a number of years, the 1969 Conference patch was the first to actually say “Conference” on it. The Conference theme chosen by the National Planning Committee was “Pathways to Service”. A record 4,421 Arrowmen attended the Conference. The national meetings were still growing in size.

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