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Elangomat Adopted

The Elangomat system for the Ordeal was introduced at the 1975 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) as part of the Inductions Enrichment Program. At the time it was a highly controversial method for not only managing candidate work groups during Ordeals, but also seen by some as “watering down the Ordeal challenges.”

Elangomat Program Tested

On an unusually cold Friday night, December 12th 1969, deep in the heart of the Central Florida Council’s camp La-No-Che, Eddie Simmons of Tipisa Lodge became the Order of the Arrow’s first “Elangomat” (friend). Eddie ate scant food, kept the pledge of silence, slept alone, engaged in cheerful-service work projects, and provided a powerful example of what it means to be both a “brother” and example “Arrowman” to younger Scouts.

William Hartman

Bill Hartman was the creator of the Elangomat Clan System, the author of the Manual for the Ordeal, and the founder and advisor to the CIA (Ceremonial Improvement Association, a Florida-based, pre-Ceremonial Advisory Group, organization which was merged into the Ceremonial Advisory Group (CAG) in 1973.

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