National OA Committee

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Ninth National OA Committee Chair

On September 1, 2009 former Vice Chairman of the National OA Committee Ray Capp became the Order’s ninth National OA Committee Chairman. Capp succeeded Brad Haddock who had served the Order for eight and a half years as the committee chair. Ray Capp was appointed to the National OA Committee in 2000.

Brad Haddock

The Order of the Arrow has been blessed by a small handful of transformational leaders that have taken a visionary position and inspired other Arrowmen to follow. The first such leader was E. Urner Goodman. It was Goodman that had the foresight to create and guide the Order at its genesis and during the early formative years. Then it was H. Lloyd Nelson who was the catalyst for innovation as he guided the Order into full integration with the BSA. Brad Haddock, like Goodman and Nelson before him, has been this type of transformational leader.

Josh Sain

The Boy Scouts of America and the Order of the Arrow (OA) have certainly been blessed throughout their histories with very competent and capable youth leaders. In their own way, these exemplary leaders have perpetuated the fundamental values that both of these groups represent. Their personal involvement and commitment have not only enhanced these programs, but also allowed them to continue to grow and flourish over the years. Josh Sain was one such youth leader.

75th Anniversary Award

The Order of the Arrow (OA) celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 1990, and in keeping with earlier traditions established during the Order’s 50th and 60th Anniversaries, the celebration was a national event. The 75th Anniversary Award Program was first unveiled at the 1988 National OA Conference (NOAC) by the National OA Committee. The award program, which for the first time allowed adult participation, consisted of three main elements: the Individual Challenge, the Lodge Challenge, and the Rededication Ceremony.

Fifth National Indian Seminar

1984 Nat'l Indian Seminar patchInstead of having just one National Indian Seminar in 1984, the National OA Committee made plans to hold three separate seminars at various sites around the country. Like their predecessors, the goal of these seminars was to improve the quality and authenticity of the Order’s Indian-related events and activities, and to provide Arrowmen with the necessary resources and training so that they could take this information back to their respective home lodges and sections.

Sixth National OA Committee Chair

Tom McBride announced his intention to retire as the National OA Committee Chairman at the 1984 National Council Meeting. He stated that he was retiring because of his concern that new ideas and new leadership are critical for the continued success of the OrderPhoto of Thomas McBride.

George Feil Passes

Photo of George FeilOn May 26, 1985 the Order of the Arrow lost one of its greatest supporters and tireless leaders, George Feil. George Feil first joined the National OA Committee in 1955 and became Chairman in 1960. He served as Chairman for 18 years, longer than any other Chairman.

Third National Indian Seminar

Building on the successes of the first two events, the third National Indian Seminar was held at Beaumont Scout Reservation near St. Louis, Missouri from August 9-16, 1980. Approximately 125 participants and 67 faculty/staff members from around the country participated in the seven-day event. Like previous seminars, the central focus of the event was to train and educate Arrowmen on Native American customs, culture, and traditions. 

OA Chief's Bonnet Destroyed

The original golden eagle feather bonnet that had been passed down ceremoniously by every national chief of the Order of the Arrow since 1938 was tragically destroyed in a fire that occurred at the BSA’s national office in Irving, Texas on November 6, 1980News article of National Office fire.

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