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1935 National Jamboree Cancelled

The 1935 25th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, Jubilee National Jamboree was scheduled for August 21 – 30, in Washington, DC. Every registered troop in every Council was entitled to send one Scout – to fulfill President Roosevelt’s wish that,

every nook and cranny of America be represented in the Jamboree.

Berlin Olympics

The 1936 Summer Olympic Games were hosted by Germany in the capital city of Berlin. The bid was awarded to Germany in 1934, two years before the Nazis became the governing party in the country. These games mark a modernization of the Olympics and many of the sports, techniques and processes (including live television broadcasts) used at the 1936 Summer Games are still in use today.

First "National" Lodge Meeting

The OA gathered together again for a national meeting hosted for a fourth time by Unami Lodge at Treasure Island. The convention had originally been scheduled for 1935, as meetings were biannual. However, the workload created by the planned 1935 National Jamboree impacted the national officers and many leaders of the local lodges. It was decided to delay the meeting for a year. This pattern has been repeated in later years, the Order giving deference to the National Jamboree, even if it meant a three-year gap between NOAC’s instead of two.

The 1936 meeting was one of change. It no longer was a “Grand” Lodge Meeting. This was a “National” Lodge Meeting. The change in name a simple reminder of the change in the Order, now part of the BSA. The change in the program, however, was striking.

First known African American Vigil Honor

On October 24th and 25th, 1936 the Owasippe Lodge held a Fellowship Conference. The conference is remarkable for two things. The first was that Owasippe invited other lodges to attend their fellowship. Ay-Ashe Lodge from Manitowoc, Wisconsin and Tomkita Chara Lodge from Wausau, Wisconsin attended. Later, after National Chief Joseph Brinton read of the Fellowship Conference he was eager to share the concept of multi-lodge events in the National Bulletin.

The second noteworthy event of the Fellowship weekend was Emerson James was elected and kept his Vigil the night of October 24 through the morning of October 25th. In so keeping, Emerson James became the earliest known and presumptively the first African American Vigil Honor member.

Emerson James

Emerson James was presumptively the first African American Vigil Honor member. He was from Woodlawn, located on the South Side of the City of Chicago.

25th Lodge Formed

On November 27, 1926 Garrison Lodge forms the fifth and last of the original five Chicago Council lodges to form. Carroll A. Edson founded all five of them. Garrison Lodge’s formation marks a milestone in the growth of our Order as the twenty-fifth lodge to charter. Garrison Lodge would later join the other four Chicago lodges when E. Urner Goodman consolidated them together to form Owasippe Lodge.

Goodman - Chicago Scout Executive

On May 1, 1927 E. Urner Goodman took the helm of Chicago Council as Scout Executive. This was a great professional opportunity for Goodman. Chicago was the largest council in the nation outside New York. And James E. West and the national office dominated New York. Chicago was the most significant Scout Executive position in the BSA. It was a long train-ride away from New York, calling was expensive. Because of this, Chicago had a propensity for doing things their own way. Goodman would bring Chicago Council into national compliance.

1927 New York Yankees

The 1927 New York Yankees, featuring the “Murderers Row” of batters is considered by many to be the greatest baseball team ever. The team starred Babe Ruth who broke his own home run record with 60 homers, a .356 batting average and 164 RBIs. Batting behind Ruth was Lou Gehrig whose numbers included 47 home runs, 218 hits, a .373 batting average and 175 RBIs. Tony Lazzari, Bob Meusel, Earle Combs and Mark Koenig completed the “Murderer’s Row”.

Last "Annual" Grand Lodge Meeting

In 1927, the Seventh Meeting of the Grand Lodge was attended by 13 lodges and hosted by Ranachqua Lodge, The Bronx, New York. This was the Grand Lodge’s second visit to Camp Ranachqua, a camp within Kanohwanke Scout Camp near Tuxedo, New York. The number of delegates present is unknown. The first order of business was to finally approve changes in the rituals including the 31-question Brotherhood questionnaire.

Eighth Grand Lodge Meeting

For the 1929 Eighth Meeting of the Grand Lodge, the conference returned for a third time to Philadelphia. Unami Lodge once again hosted the 12 lodges in attendance and an unknown number of delegates. The first issue occurred prior to the meeting. Unami Lodge had scheduled the meeting for the week between Christmas and New Years. Many lodges objected to the dates and the meeting was re-scheduled for November 29 – December 1, 1929. The 1929 Grand Lodge Meeting was held at the Stephen Gerard Hotel. The Grand Lodge Scribe announced that there were now 33 active lodges in the Order instead of 37 with the pending Chicago consolidation.

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