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Third National OA Committee Chair

With the sudden passing of H. Lloyd Nelson the OA was without a National OA Committee Chairman. James “Judge” P. Hunter was selected by John M. Schiff, past President of the BSA at the March 1956 BSA Executive Board Meeting to be the Order’s third Chairman. Hunter was already serving on the National OA Committee. He was from Atlanta, Georgia, Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge.

Sashes Change From Felt to Twill

From the late teens until 1948, Grand Lodge / National Lodge issued sashes or bands were made of wool felt with wool felt arrows sewn onto the sash. Over the years because of a variety of manufacturers, the width of the sash and length of the sash varied. The same happened with the shape of the arrows sewn onto the sashes. The snaps also varied.

1955 National Planning Meeting

The 1955 National Planning Meeting was held at the site of the upcoming NOAC, Indiana University. This time nearly all of the Area Chiefs were in attendance, 56 in total, as together with the National OA Committee they planned the 1956 NOAC. James L. Waters, Jr. of Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge, Atlanta, Georgia was elected Conference Chief. Chief Waters appointed 7 Deputy Conference Chiefs: Gary Gloster, Don Good, Tom Jones, Jim Kennedy, Sandy Sutton, Bill Posey and Walt Schramm.

1956 DSA Recipients

The following were presented the DSA at the 1956 National Order of the Arrow Conference at Indiana University - Herman Brandmiller, William D. Campbell, Jack Champion, James R. Feil, Julius Hayworth, Lyndon S. Holm, Walter Hubbard, Sidney B. North, Jack Obermeyer, Henry Vassel, and James L. Waters.

Brotherhood Rituals Change

In 1956, the National OA Committee, after consultation with medical advisors, determined that it was no longer safe to draw and exchange blood between two people in the “Blood-rite” of the Brotherhood Ceremony.

1957 National Jamboree

The 1957 National Scout Jamboree was held at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, from July 12 to 18 with the theme “Onward For God and My Country”. 52,580 Scouts and Explorers paid $50 to participate in the Jamboree not including the cost to get there. For the opening show, Scouts were greeted by Vice President Richard Nixon and during the Jamboree were entertained by Jimmy Dean and the “Harmonica Rascals”.

1957 National Planning Meeting

The Area Chiefs and National OA Committee met at Kansas University in Lawrence, the scheduled site for the 1958 NOAC for the 1957 National Planning Meeting. James W. Kolka from Otyokwa Lodge, Eau Claire, Wisconsin was elected National Conference Chief. Elected Deputy Conference Chiefs were Fred Gehl, Charles Martin, Paul Kelly, Dick Honsinger, John Lehman and Frank Naylor.

1953 National Planning Meeting

Because the scheduled site for the 1954 NOAC was the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming, the National Planning Meeting was held centrally in St. Louis, Missouri. The Area Conference Chiefs elected Jim Feil of Tamegonit Lodge, Kansas City, Kansas National Conference Chief.

1954 DSA Recipients

The following were presented the Order of the Arrow's Distinguished Service Award (DSA) at the 1954 National Order of the Arrow Conference in Wyoming to - M. G. Boswell, Dr. Joe C. Carrington Jr., H. Edward Dike, Frank W. Hall Jr., Henry J. Henning, J. Powell Hunter, Phillip W. Robins and Scotty Williamson.

1951 National Planning Meeting

The National OA Committee and Area Chiefs from around the nation gathered at Miami University at Oxford, Ohio for the second National Planning Meeting. This was the only National Planning Meeting where the Area Chiefs did not elect the next Conference Chief. National Conference Chief James R. Montgomery of Pellissippi Lodge, Knoxville, Tennessee had been elected at the 1950 NOAC.

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